The Old Wannabe Photographer
I’m a photo enthusiast with a lot of time on my hands and would love for you to see my photos.
Born decades ago in Sweden, where I went to school and spent all of my professional careers as an executive person. I retired and spent almost 8 years in Portugal, returned to Sweden, and started a new chapter in life. Living on a small horse farm in the southern part of the country and not being a rider, I have a lot of extra time when the wife is out riding.
I have been a camera owner for almost fifty years now. I was very active in the ’80s and early 2000 and took assignments in my free time as a wedding photographer. I had my own studio and all the gear you could imagine.
After a few years away from active photography, I have sold the old equipment and invested in a Leica Q2. I will focus on the Street and documentary genre.